Hurricane Maria Relief


Making care packages for family & friends in Vieques, Puerto Rico

Corefi Vieques

c/o Sonia Ventura Morales

Main PO BOX 97

Calle Luis Munoz Rivera

Vieques, Puerto Rico 00765

FREE large priority boxes available at US Post Office. Under $20 when you are ready to ship.

COREFI & Conservation and Trust. Together, their mission is to support the people of Vieques and its environment through research, education and public outreach.

If 50 of my friends send a package and 50 of their friends send a package, and so on... it will make a big difference to many!!! We are all not just talking about it... but we are being about it!!!


A quick reminder to the angels making relief boxes. There's plenty of rice/dried beans making it onto Vieques. These folk are in need of high quality foods; dried fruits/nuts, nut butters, canned fish and meats, protein bars, Ensure, Pedialyte, etc. The low sodium/ low sugar/lightly processed products are best. And meals requiring much prep aren't the best.

November 2017  Update

COREFI continues to work hard on the island of Vieques. We are working closely with Vieques Love to bring much needed supplies to the island.  Many families are unable to stand in line to get supplies so Vieques Love has made sure there are supplies for them.  Sonia and volunteers deliver daily and keep a watchful eye on the disabled. In many cases we are the only ones caring for them.


The building that housed our food bank was condemned because of the damage from Maria. We will be working on a new site in the future.  As you can guess, there isn’t much space available.


Unfortunately, the island is still without power and water is still not available throughout the island, and what water is available is not suitable for drinking.  Tests are being run on the water to make sure it is safe to drink.


Generators still are in short supply and those who have them are running into problems because they aren’t designed for extended use.


COREFI is going to Sponsor a group called Hope Builders. This is a Faith based organization that hopes to build 100 cement homes on the island to help those needy persons who lost their homes. The project will be called Vieques Hope & Homes, founded by Vickie Michaud who has a home on the island. We will provide the site address when it becomes available.  Your donations will be greatly appreciated.


Please know that the spirits remain high on the island, and those of us that have homes there know this spirit well. Folks gather at the Plaza at night to enjoy the evening breezes, music, and singing.  It is a time to share our experiences and re-connect with each other.  We must stay positive and upbeat.


COREFI is the acronym for Concerned Residents for Improvement Inc., a 501C3 non-profit organization serving the indigent population of Vieques, Puerto Rico. Many on this Island are living without the necessary means to take proper care of their own and their families' basic needs. COREFI, led by Sonia Ventura, was formed four years ago to organize volunteer efforts to replace or repair substandard housing, to provide electrical and plumbing services, to create safe and sanitary systems, and to provide both nursing care and food distribution. Government resources do not reach these individuals.


COREFI provides these services without any administrative costs (i.e. no salaried employees or office expenses) and thus, paramount to their continuance, is volunteer participation and tax-deductible contributions. We ask for your help.


If you know of families in dire circumstances, please call COREFI at either (787) 741-2076 or (787) 433-0413. Our email address is


Donations by check should be made out to COREFI and sent to P.O. Box 97, Vieques, P.R., 00765 or by direct deposit to Banco Popular Vieques Account 112-12453-4. COREFI has made a difference here in Vieques—and, in so doing, has enriched all our lives.







































COREFI son las siglas para "Concerned Residents for Improvement Inc." Esta organización es sin fines de lucro y sirve la población de indigentes de bajo nivel de pobreza, personas de edad avanzada olvidadas, en la isla de Vieques Puerto Rico. Muchos de estos seres humanos no pueden valerse por si solos. COREFI fue fundada por la Sra. Sonia Ventura hace cuatro años atrás, con la ayuda de voluntarios para coseguir albergue y proveerle servicios de electricidad, plomería, servicios santiarios, cuidado en el hogar en circustancias de emergencia. Además se les transporta a los doctores, farmacia, y se les ayuda a buscar algún documento importante los cuales ellos necesiten.


COREFI hace todo esto sin lucrarse de nada. No tenemos ingreso, es por tal razón que se realizan actividades para lograrlo. Tenemos un equipo de trabajo que son voluntarios; esto incluye a la Presidenta. Las contribuciones que usted pueda brindar, son deducibles de sus impuestos. Estamos solicitando su ayuda, para poder continuar nuestra labor hacia los necesitados.


Si conoce de alguna persona con emergencia semejante a bajo nivel de pobreza o de alguna otra necesidad en la que podamos ayudar; siempre y cuando este a nuestro alcanze. Favor comunicarse a los siguientes teléfonos (787) 741-2076 o (787) 433-0413. Nuestro correo electrónico es


Para donaciones de cheques debe ser dirigido a COREFI y enviado al P.O. Box 97, Vieques P.R., 00765 o puede ser depositado en alguna sucursal del Banco Popular de Puerto Rico al # de cuenta 112-12453-4. COREFI ha hecho la diferencia aquí en el pueblo Viequense y ha enriquecido muchas vidas.

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Food Bank NOW Open      

THIRD Wednesday of each month 9 AM - 2 PM  In the back of the old municipal hospital - next to the senior center.   To visit the food pantry you must qualify for food assistance.

Banco de alimentos ya está abierto      


Tercer miércoles de cada mes 09 a.m.-2 p.m. En la parte tresera  del antiguo hospital municipal - al lado del centro de ancianos . Para visitar la despensa de alimentos debe tener derecho a la asistencia alimentaria.